#Sea and Sardinia inspired by D.H Lawrence for my never ending journey.

Ready to set off ready for Sardinia and for the first time in life I’m over determined to leave my footprints there….it seems like someone is calling me back to the place were I do belong, at least for a half! That’s a genetic matter.
#Sea and Sardinia by D. LAWRENCE is attracting me from the bookshelf in the corridor, for me it’s one of the #musthave you can wear in any season and when you open it you can get lost in the his journey in the magic island where the brilliant colours of the Mediterranean sea dissolve  into a even more brillant sky.
Also Sardina is the

land of contrasts, where many civilizations and intruders have been leaving their footptints since the night of times: Phoenicians, Romans, Pisans, Catalans, billionaire yachtsmen, snob, pasionate and indolent writers. A place  “lost between Europe and Africa, and belonging to nowhere,” as Lawrence wrote, but that attracted him so much in 1921. A vivid description of the island of its inhabitants, costumes and religious parades, food and landscapes but it’s the sea that captures the eyes over and over again:
“The sea was in the near distance, blue, blue, and beating with light. It seemed more light than watery”.

….I’ll be back in a blink, once there I’ll take my time to breathe the sea breeze and once rigenerated I’ll capture images and sensations that will gI’ve me confort in winter days.


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Mum, passionate lover of beauty in all its forms. Art&culture and food&travel lover🧳 I love to follow the road with my nose up to catch the stars 💫 and with my feet on the ground 👣 to walk far away. Always ready to seize the day. ❤

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