A day in the mountains looking for #pilgrims and #haunted castles


A lighter shade of blue above Fénis castle a fantastic sky scattered with soft creamy  clouds.
I saw it standing there in all its imponence  a real outstanding proud example of Middle Ages architecture, even if altered during the centuries till 1936 when the second ring of walls was built.
It remains one of the most renowned and scenic castles in the Valle d’Aosta. Apart from its extraordinary beauty, it owes its fame to an its difensive towers and brettices and to its peculiar pentagonal shape nestled  in two circles of walls a real fortress!!! that, from a middle-distance, it seems  that it is coming straight from a fairy-tale. The Challant Family, the owners of the castle, used to give hospitality to the pilgrims walking along the #ViaFrancigena, the ancient road starting from Canterbury and leading to #Rome.
There are so nany reasons that makes this castle worth a visit because of its beauty and because it seems to be inhabited by ghosts! A superb location for them 👻visitors claimed that they heard noises from a floor upstairs (the second floor) that is closed…as they say it’s under refurbishment.
I do not believe in haunted places but a dark side, a misterious one makes them more appealing.



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Mum, passionate lover of beauty in all its forms. Art&culture and food&travel lover🧳 I love to follow the road with my nose up to catch the stars 💫 and with my feet on the ground 👣 to walk far away. Always ready to seize the day. ❤

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