A voyage through time in the French Riviera!



Longing for my deserved presummer break in the lively Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, one of the place I love most. Maybe I’ll  meet  someone famous  you’ll invite me for a coffee as it was one of the most sought-after locations by both artists and the aristocracy of the Belle Epoque. #RaffaTheCollectionist and me live outside time!!! So it can happen ❤
I’ll wait for her in the little square of the
medieval village huddled around the castle rears up above Cap Martin. I wish we could smell the typically Mediterranean vegetation and go for delightful walks….and meet Le Corbusier.
Culture and art is also rooted there as this place was really appreciated by Le Corbusier. A path bearing his name leads to sumptuous belvedere.

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Mum, passionate lover of beauty in all its forms. Art&culture and food&travel lover🧳 I love to follow the road with my nose up to catch the stars 💫 and with my feet on the ground 👣 to walk far away. Always ready to seize the day. ❤

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